Damon Smith A.K.A. Smoothe Da Hustler is one of hip hops all time best MC’s. In 1995 he released his first single “Hustlin'” on Profile Records. But it was the B-Side track “Broken Language” with his brother Trigger tha Gambler that turned into an instant hip hop classic earning him a Hip Hop Quotable in the Source Magazine. The two of them shared verses back and forth wrecking the mic with lines that killed anybody who stepped in there path. It was a true gangster MC battle rap track. I was 18-19 years old living in San Diego at the time and even I was all up on that shit! I bought the single on cassette and it wore a huge hole in my speakers everyday. I will still play “Broken Language” to this day whenever I want to get pumped up for something. The lyrics will always hold up in my opinion. Check the video below. If you are not feeling this track then fidduck you! You are not a real hip hop head and you need to go back to school before you come around here again! I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I am not playing. So without further ado, I present to you, one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks….

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This track is so good, I’ve posted all the lyrics below from LyricsMania.com. Watch the video, listen to the music, memorize the rhymes, over and over again.

Lyrics to Broken Language :

(feat. Trigga Tha Gambler)

Uh, base your eyes on the guy
no kind of worries if I die
so pussy glai try
dangerfield steppin my way
bodies get creamated on a Friday the do or die way
your death threater, sender, head spinner
rap beginner, light dimmer
3 knockout count winner
your gun reacher, bustin shot teacher
your funeral service church preacher
your black hearse coffin seeker
The body polluter, the gat shooter
the Brownsville wild Brooklyn trooper
the cock D mountain mover
the face basher, the mista brain smasher
the ax waxer, the drug money stasher…

The money stasher, gun blastin razor slasher
the human asthma breath taker
body dump waster
the glock cocker, block locker the rock chopper,
the shot popper, the jock cock glocker
The face splitter, human disgrace getter
the lady shitter, phone joneser
sneak over fuck your babysitter
The chronic smokin, gun totin hearse initiator
the crack supplier, the human drug generator
The honey gamer, the chicken tricker
the slick the long dick pussy sticker
the ready to bust that ass kicker
The track manoeuvre, the box barrier
the off of the dome rapper
the c-74 ox carrier….

The gun seller, the chest sweller
the stick up smack bank teller
the money-back dweller
The stitch provider, the guess rider
the clip inserter, bullet shooter experter
the man next to murder…

The ho disser, the cunt man, the I dont want clan
the stunt hitter in 34 days in a month man
the front man, the Brooklyn representer
the beat down center, the two brothers
the hottest niggas out this fuckin winter

The girl cheaters, the beef ass beaters
the street sweep keeper, the body to concrete meeter
the blood skeeter
The weed smoker, the liver choker
the spot stop broker, the rugged picture poser
the card scrambler,
royal flush same suit brouke the gambler
nasty amateur damaged ya,
snatch masta without the camera

Camera, beer guzzeler
the slug to your mug tuzzeler
the drug juggeler, the crazy thug hustler
the Lexus wanter
the chain-ring and bracelet flaunterer
The chamber smoker
the mansion havin sauna soaker
The corner stander, the style crammer
take over spot block commander
the glock on cock handeler
The razor spitter
the fast dough casper getter
the transmitter, North Carolina vagina hitter…

The Ac kicker, internal heart dark sticker
the red scope body hitter
here to hang wit Digga and a buddha niggas
The trigga happy, father gun call it papi
my gun blow out waves patterns to keep your hair nappy
The to death thinker, M.O.P. bell ringer
how about some hardcore fan singer
the jam swinger…

The Nautica wearer, the Karl Kani man
the missed to get jaked, the fly man
notorious ready to die man
the knower killer, the expert slinger
the white girl gang banger
the jesus”…”
the vital kicker, the drug dealer and title stripper
the idol flipper
the cross breaker and bible ripper….

The black history driver
the racial thinker
The 9 to 9 to 5 offer the jaw sinker
The hell fighter, the revelation writer
the Egyptian spirit inviter
the black body bag tire
The money stasher, the shit crapper
the a-k-a club basher
my brother gotta record racker

The battle spinner
The grand prize winner
The life and death beginner
the 95 interstate highway to heaven sender
The coke cooker, the hook up on your hooker hooker
the 35cents short send my 25’s over looker
The rap burner, the Ike the Tina Turner
ass whippin learner, the hitman, the money earner
The tologist without the derma
me and my little brother
The cock me back, bust me off nigga
The undercover
glock to your head pursuer
The Big Daddy Kane, Little Daddy Shane over doer




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