This guest post is by Tom Cooney of a.tom.called.cooney.

The J.B.’s are best known as the backup band for James Brown in addition to backing up Bobby Byrd, Lyn Collins and other members of the James Brown Revue.  The band was formed in 1970 after walking out on Brown because they felt they weren’t getting paid enough.  Original members include William “Bootsy” Collins, Phelps “Catfish” Collins, Bobby Byrd, John “Jabo” Starks, Clayton “Chicken” Gunnels, Darryl “Hasaan” Jamison, Robert McCollough and Johnny Griggs.

The original members are responsible for some of James Brown’s most popular jams such as “Super Bad”, “The Grunt”, “Soul Power”, “Sex Machine” and “Talkin’ Loud Aint Sayin’ Nothing”.  Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley joined the band in December 1970.  Soon after, Bootsy Collins, his brother, and many of the original band members left to join George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

Together, the J.B.’s have recorded several hits like “Gimmie Some More”, “Pass The Peas”, “Breakin Bread” and “Cross the Track” which is one of my favorites.

There have been a number of hip hop artists that have sampled the J.B.’s.  Some more notable names include Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Geto Boys, and De La Soul.

Recently, I have been bumping a lot of the J.B.’s.  However, for some reason I haven’t been playing them a lot during my gigs… that will all change tomorrow night.  I have a special Matt Pina tribute birthday set in the lineup loaded with funk classics.

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