A bad driver in San Francisco, CA Feb 2012.

Is it me? or is getting a driver’s license way to easy? It seems inevitable that every time I get into my vehicle and drive down the road, there will be many other drivers behaving badly. Who’s fault is it? If only the DMV made testing more intensive for prospective drivers. I have been a licensed driver for 18 years and consider myself to be an excellent driver ‘most of the time’. I say ‘most of the time’ because I believe that it is impossible to be an excellent driver all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we all have excellent driving moments. A person can be an excellent driver today, but a horrible driver tomorrow. Then back to being excellent the day after that. Below is a list that I made for you to follow that can help you become an excellent driver more often.

1. Plan your trip (Knowing exactly where you are going prevents indecisiveness)

2. Wear your seat belt and adjust seat and mirrors appropriately (No brainer)

3. Never drive impaired (No brainer)

4. Be decisive (Build confidence on the road, learn to trust your vehicle)

5. Drive defensively (Prevent an accident, don’t create one)

6. Know what’s going on around you (Scan ahead for potential issues)

7. Anticipate 

8. Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles (2 to 8 seconds depending on weather)

9. Always make complete stops (Gives you time to see oncoming traffic and avoid an intersection accident)

10. Communicate with other drivers (Turn signals etc)

3 more…

11. Treat other drivers like you want to be treated (This is part of being a good person)

12. Maintain your vehicle (Keep it clean and running well)

13. Learn how to park properly

This video is part of a collection of videos from  fordvideo1 on YouTube. They’ve got 15 short training videos which I have added to my YouTube “Decisive Driver” playlist. If you are interested in improving your driving skills, here would be a great start. If you have any suggestions on how people can improve their driving, please comment and let me know. Driving is a subject I am very interested in.


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