I saw the Boomcase for the first time the other day while walking down Valencia Street in San Francisco. It was in the window of a new Design+Electronics shop called dijitalfix. I hade to do a double take and I know you would have to if you were with me. The first thing I thought was “if I was a B-Boy, a DJ, a musician or entertainer of audio stimulation, I would live in my car for 2 months just to get my hands on one!” Vintage suitcases fitted with high quality speakers. What a concept. Not only are they way far out and cool looking, but they are functional, and obviously made really well. I posted a few pics and a link to BomCase online. Their website has a huge gallery of one-of-a-kind BoomCases that will keep your jaw on dropped status for awhile. Shouts to the BoomCase company for raising the bar on this one. And good luck to the new store dijitalfix in SF. Great store!






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