I’m a SF Local. Been here since ’97. Moved up for art school and stayed. I should know the good shops. They all have their quirks, but each shop on this list has something valuable to offer a photographer in its own way. I’m not going into detail but I’ve provided websites and Yelp reviews to help you figure it out. Now aren’t you happy? I just weeded out the crap and gave you a solid list to work with. Good luck in your photo adventures.

Rayko Photo Center Website Yelp
Pro Camera Rental & Supply Website Yelp
Photoworks Website Yelp
Photographers Supply Website Yelp
Photobooth Website Yelp
Oscars Photo Lab Website Yelp
Lomography Gallery Store Website Yelp
Lightsource Website Yelp
Light Waves Website Yelp
JCX Expendables Website Yelp
Harvey Milk Photo Center Website Yelp
Hanson Digital Website Yelp
Glass Key Photo Website Yelp
Gamma Black & White Website Yelp
Fireside Camera Website Yelp
Dickerman Prints Website Yelp
Camera Heaven Website Yelp
Calumet Photographic Website Yelp
Adolph Gasser Website Yelp
Action Camera Website Yelp


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I didn’t wan’t to make a best photography stores in San Francisco, or a top 10, but rather a list of solid resources that will allow you to find some good places to shop in the city.



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