Catfish WillieCongratulations to Yelawolf! Recently named to XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class.

I discovered Yelawolf aka Catfish Billy early January, 2010 on Hip Hop Is Read (Thanks Ivan) when he released his newest album “Trunk Muzik”. The music is exactly what the album title describes. It’s some super 808 bass beats perfect for your wolfers and bazooka tubes in the back of your trunk. And don’t you dare think of Miami bass or techno bass. This is HIP HOP maing!! And there is no question about it. At first when you hear Yalawolf rap, you may stereotypically think of Eminem (because he’s white). But please keep listening because Catfish Billiy is far far away from 8 Mile. Yelawolf comes true with lyrics that only an Alabama back roads gangster skateboarder can speak about. Dude is talking about driving 120 on the 20 with some liquor in one hand, being chased and wondering to himself, what the F**k am I doing right now? He’s also got a guy named (Juelz) Santana who is in the basement “Mixin Up the Medicine” then they “get jailed, jump bail”. He’s got a sick hook “Don’t make me go pop… the trunk……. On you!” That’s tight. Basically I recommend starting at the first track “Trunk Muzik” and play each song in order.

Yelawolf “Trunk Muzik” is the best mixtape I’ve heard in 2010. It’s gonna hold up, and it’s only January!

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