I got this tweet by @DJdemon and I think it is amazing!! Its a Katt Williams rap video using his stand up from his Pimp Chronicles weed bit. Its remixed and edited by DJ Steve Porter to a nice beat. And best of all Katt Williams voice is auto tuned. Just Watch!!

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  1. Greenbrew says:

    Dude is making millions cuase he’s creative and he put it out there. Is he calling me out? I love it!!!

    • Rotten Mac says:

      Ya, DJ Steve Porter has his own niche, and it seems to be huge. I haven’t seen the slap chop commercial on tv yet but I heard they bought the rights to use it. And as far as him calling you out, I think he is. He was watching your films when he got the idea. your turn to 1up him! You can do it!!

  2. vik says:

    Man DJ Steve Porter is wicked! I wonder how he invisions his stuff, song first or everything together?!?!

  3. a.tom.called.cooney says:

    very creative…
    peep out some of the other videos by the same dude…like this Slap Chop joint


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