What will we do when our doctors tell us there is nothing more they can do??

1 out of 3 Americans will suffer from some sort of cancer in their lifetime. Hemp oil has cured diseases that our own doctors cannot. I came across an article in Nug Magazine where a Nova Scotian (via Canada) named Rick Simpson claims to have cured his own cancer with hemp oil. On his website Phoenix Tears there’s a movie called “Run From The Cure”. In this movie Rick shows how hemp oil cures cancers, depression, anxiety, headaches, stomach aches, diabetes, pretty much every major disease that plagues us today. Rick also gives us the recipe so you can make hemp oil medicine yourself.

Ask yourself this. How many doctors would be out of business if people could cure there own diseases? How many medicine companies would go out of business if people could grow there own medicine in their back yards? Do you think an industry that’s been making billions of dollars a year is willing to take a pay cut?


Nug Magazine

Rick Simpsons Website Phoenix Tears

Ricks movie Run for the Cure

How to make hemp oil recipe

The history of Marijuana in America




  1. Rotten Mac says:

    Demon, there’s a lot of good information here, thanks for the post. I would love to have a bottle of hemp oil in my medicine cabinet one day. Do you think this form of medicine will ever be accepted by our government? in our lifetime??

    • DJ Demon says:

      Sadly I don’t think this form of treatment will ever be accepted by our current government or in our lifetime. Bottom line is the medicine is BIG business and people are money hungry no matter what the cost. Good thing we have people like Rick Simpson. Rick teaches you how to make oil, gives it away for free to patients, go’s to jail for what he believes in. A modern day saint.

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