Despite admitting they used every dirty trick in the book (read my article here at Zynga, the no. 1 social gaming company on the web has raised $1.5 million dollars to help the relief effort in Haiti. How did they do it? By selling virtual social goods to more than 300,000 game players from 47 countries through their top games (Mafia Wars, farmville, Zynga Poker).

“We are extremely grateful to Zynga for this contribution,” said Nancy Roman, WFP’s director of communications. “Through their donations, Zynga players are helping us to bring urgently needed food assistance to people who have been plunged into hunger by this devastating earthquake. We started distributing food within 24 hours of the earthquake, and in the coming weeks, we aim to deliver weekly rations to 2 million people.”

“We are humbled by the response from our users and the speed with which they rallied from everywhere to help so many in Haiti,” said Zynga CEO Mark Pincus.

It’s great to see billion dollar private companies like Zynga make such huge contributions to help a people half a world away. I hope to see Mark Pincus and Zynga continue to raise money and donate to more charities and organizations in the United States. Maybe Zynga can help to bail out our week economy!!

Here’s the press release from Zynga

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Privacy tip: If you decide to stop playing a Zynga game, make sure to disable it still using your information. You can do that by going in to your Account > Privacy Settings in Facebook.




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