Please take some time to visit the life and times of one of America’s favorite soul singers. This man had everything to do with bringing people together. Sam Cooke was a pioneer in his industry. He was one of the first gospel singers to crossover to pop, but he did it his way. He influenced the careers of so many people and opened the minds of so many others. Ever since I was a kid in the 80’s, I’ve been listening to Sam Cooke thanks to my mother and I continue to learn more and more about this great man even today. This Documentary celebrates San Cooke’s life, his accomplishments and his hardships like no other has. I’m so thankful for the  man named Sam Cooke. He has influenced my life profoundly. I hope that he can do the same for yours. The full version is not available free. here is a preview of the video.




  1. Pat Mac says:

    Really good documentary on Sam Cooke, Rotten Mac. Thanks for posting it. Learned more about him and his life, than I knew before. A reminder of how really talented he was, and his contributions to civil rights movement.

    • Rotten Mac says:

      Thanks for the comment Pat Mac. Yes, when i was very young, my mother introduced me to Sam Cooke and all the oldies but goodies. Sam Cooke is one of my favorite musicians of all time thanks to you mom.

      Rotten Mac

  2. H.O.P. says:

    Sam Cooke rips!

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