I’m a photographer. I need to keep telling myself that because this is what I am. No matter how long I deny and suppress my desire to make photos, and art, I always come back to it. So in my search to stay creative and photo savvy, I have found a project called Photoweave on Photojojo.com. A few days ago I made 4×6 prints of some friends and attempted to slice, dice, weave, and frame to make an ordinary dull photo into an extraodinary one.

If this tickles your fancy and ignites the fire in you to do the same, then by all means click on this link and it will take you directly to the Photojojo page teaching you everything you need to know about making an amazing Photoweave http://content.photojojo.com/diy/make-a-photo-weave/

And respect to the photographer who submitted this project, Nicole Sheikh.

Below are the Photoweaves I did with my lady. Lets see what you got!





    • Rotten Mac says:

      Thanks Laurel! I really like your website with all its facets. You are very talented. Thanks for the comment. I hope to do more Photojojo projects and post them on my site. Take Care!

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