Recently I did an interview with Bernard Gonzalez, A.K.A. DJ Demon of Sleeping Giant Music. This marks my first interview on so I’d like to thank Demon for putting up with me during this process. DJ Demon is known for rocking clubs and making mixtapes. He’s a true supporter of local hip hop, and since January 2009, he’s produced almost 30 podcasts, always bringing the ruckus. You can listen to and download all of his mixtapes and podcasts at

Where were you born? San Diego

What was it like growing up in San Diego? Really chill. People are pretty mellow out here. Not too fast paced.

What set do you claim? Haha, I’ll just quote Cube “I don’t bang, I rock the good rhymes”.

What were you like as a kid? I was the class clown. I was all about having fun when I was a kid getting into stupid shit. I wasn’t too bad.  Sprayed on a few walls, stole a couple candy bars you know adolescent type shit.

Do you or have you had any nicknames? My nickname in middle school and part of high school was Bobo. Somewhere around the 10th – 11th grade I started writing graffiti and went by the name Demon from then on out.

What kind of talents did you discover or discover as a kid? I liked working with my hands you know making shit outta wood and what not. When I was a kid my mom said I was always taking apart my toys to see how they worked. Always pissed her off that the toy would be it 30 pieces a few days after she got it.

What were you good at early in life? I was good at getting in trouble. Haha!  Really though, I always had a ear for good music. I would make tapes from records my mom had and fall asleep with the headphones on at night. I remember I got a boom box and a few tapes when I was like 8 and I that was the world to me. Once I figured out how to mix and make music it was over.

Were you a nerd, dork, gangster, rocker, raver, hip hop head? Nerd, not that smart. Dork, never. Gangster, I swore I was. Rocker, only when the time is right. Raver, oh yeah.  Those were good times.  Hip Hop Head, por vida holmes.

Were you popular in school? I had a tight knit of friends I hung out with mostly but I was cool with all the crowds.  I have very few enemies. It kinda takes a lot to piss me off but if you get me to reach that point you’ll probably won’t like me very much.

Snipe Marketing. What is it? Snipe Marketing started off as a Guerilla Marketing company so we did mostly street promotions. As time went on we developed new ideas and adopted more traditional means of marketing as well. Now were a small but strong full fledged marketing company.

How long have you been doing it? Been doing street marketing since 1999.

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What kind of cars have you owned? First car I had was this bucket my mom let me drive for a few days until I broke it. Haha!  It was great. I would do 30 pulling in the driveway.  In my high school days I had a 64’ Chevy Impala champagne in color. Those were fun times. I swore I was Dr.Dre. I had a turquoise “Indy Pace Car” that I repossessed from my moms ex. That was kinda fun. I took the spare key and a metal saw.  Sawed off  “The Club” and sped off into the night!  Haha!  I remember wishing he left the pullout so I could bump something on the way home but he took it.

How did you get into music? I got into being a part of music through djing. Making people dance and have a good time has been a long time passion of mine. It’s crazy to me how emotional music is and how you can literally control a crowds emotions with music. Production was a natural progression from djing.


How did you get into hip hop? My first memory of listening to a full hip hop album was Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill”. I think it was the 3rd or 4th grade when I found a “Men at Work” tape on the blacktop at my school.  I took it home and to my surprise it was the B side of “Licensed to Ill”. I played that tape for weeks and then I went to the store and bought my own because I had to hear the other songs on the A side.  After that it was a wrap.

How did you get your name DJ Demon? That used to be my tag back in the day so I just ran with it.  A.K.A.’s are Old Dirty Demon, Demon Beast, and El Demonio.

How did you get into Djing? The homie Jesse used to DJ back in the day and he would always bring his tables to the other homies Ray’s house where we would just chill, drink, listen to music. I racked a nice little crate and used to play a few sets when nobody was looking. That’s where it all started.

Why did you get into Vjing? I think Vjing was just a natural progression from Djing. I’ve always been a fan of good movies and videos so it’s fun to have another element to play with.

How long have you been doing mixtapes? My first mixtape was with Mike Czech and was released in TAPE format only. That gives you a idea of how long. I haven’t stopped since.

How did you come up with the idea for Going Back To Cali? There were a few BIG mixes that I really didn’t like. I felt like they didn’t do BIG justice so I had to give it a go. I created the West Coast beat theme to give it another twist.

Who are your biggest influences in life? My daughter and wife.

Who is on your heavy rotation right now musically? Changes on a weekly but right now I can’t stop bumping that King Fantastic. Reece is a perfect combo of gangster and hip-hop and Troublemakers beats are on some next level shit. Gotta shot out Son of Ran “Tribute to Sky City”.  I call that album my sound track to life.

What’s a typical day like for Bernard Gonzalez? First thing I do is eat breakfast and greet the wife and daughter. After  showering and dropping off my daughter at school I get right in the studio/office. I’m here for the bulk of the day running Snipe Marketing and staying up on Djing.

Do you have any hobbies? Not so much anymore. These days my spare time is spent with the family.  Work demands a lot so any spare time I get I try to spend wisely.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your life to date? I’m really pleased with where my DJ career is and where its going. Also being a good father and husband.

What is your biggest regret? Not keeping my Impala. I miss that thing.

Do you have any fears? Not being able to provide for my fam that’s why I stay on my grizzley.

You are really good at just about everything you do, is there anything you are not good at? Hahha.  I’m a terrible cook. I’m bad at directions too.  I get lost in my own city! Ithink I just try to do a few things really good. I like the idea of letting people do what there good at.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I’m not that crazy of a guy. Not into high risk behavior. I like to plan and conquer accordingly.

Is there anything you had the opportunity to do but didn’t do it, and regretted not doing it? Not really.  I don’t let a lot of opportunities pass me up.

What is DJ Demon doing now? Sitting at the dock.

Do you have any big projects coming up? Yes. I have a few ideas but I can’t really talk about them. Ideas are taken so quick these days you really have to master your niche before you try to lock it down.





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