Andre L. Williams a.k.a. Dre Dog, and Andre Nickatina was born March 11, 1970 and represents San francisco, CA. His first album “The New Jim Jones” released in 1993 is my favorite album by the artist. I was in high school living in San Diego and me and my boys Jamie K. and Demon had that album on repeat pretty much everyday. Don’t ask what kind of trouble we were getting into though because I will plead the 5th. There are many great tracks on this album ¬†like “Most Hated Man in Frisco“, “Smoke Dope and Rap“, “Off That Chewy“, “Lips“, “Alcatraz“, but I’m featuring “The Ave” today. “The Ave.” is the only single released off the album and samples “Juicy Fruit” by Mtume,¬†which is the same song B.I.G.G.I.E. and Diddy sampled for their track “Juicy” one year later. And It’s a music video so you can see Dre Dog doing his thing instead of just listening to the track and trying to imagine. WARNING: The lyrical content on these tracks are dark, dirty, violent, and sexual. But this dude is a real O.G. talking about shit he knows, and his skills are very apparent in each verse. Dre Dog is a true hip hop legend and if you don’t know, know you know.

Here’s a bonus track to listen to, “Smoke Dope And Rap”. Then it finishes with “Let’s Get High”, the intro track to the album, which you should definitely listen to. It basically sums up Dre Dog in a nutshell.



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  1. cooltomlove says:

    Love it man!!! Some of my favorite joints from back in the day! Reminds me of cruising in the Civic or the Bus… or the 626.

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