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  • The BoomCase by Mr. Simo | DijitalFix

    The BoomCase by Mr. Simo | DijitalFix

    Music, Products 12/10/2012 18:49 no comments

    “if I was a B-Boy, a DJ, a musician or entertainer of audio stimulation, I would live in my card for 2 months just to get my hands on one!”

  • Mixtape Monday: Shaolin Jazz | The 37th Chamber (Download)

    Mixtape Monday: Shaolin Jazz | The 37th Chamber (Download)

    First inspired by the art of Logan Walters, Gerald Watson commissioned DJ 2-Tone Jones to produce a mix of great jazz instrumentals to Wu-Tang Lyrics. The final product is a historical collab that will spark new conversations and hopefully inspire the future of music. Watch this 5 minute introduction to […]

  • The Boombox Project | A book by Lyle Owerko

    The Boombox Project | A book by Lyle Owerko

    Art, Books, Music, Photography, Video 02/28/2011 10:59 no comments

    This book makes me feel young again. Scrolling through some of its pages on puts a real big smile on my face. Inside this book is boombox art, classic photographs of many different models of boomboxes from the 1970’s and 1980’s, street pictures of people walking around with boomboxes, […]

  • DIY | Photoweave Project from

    DIY | Photoweave Project from

    Art 01/16/2011 21:38 5 comments

        I’m a photographer. I need to keep telling myself that because this is what I am. No matter how long I deny and suppress my desire to make photos, and art, I always come back to it. So in my search to stay creative and photo savvy, I have found […]

  • “Inside Outside” | Not your typical graff artist Documentary | Courtesy Frank151

    Art, Video 01/25/2010 09:07 no comments

    It’s a different kind of documentary about street artists from all over the world doing big things in their realm. These artists are not your typical graffiti vandals yet they are exactly your typical graffiti vandals.

  • Functional Art Piece by DJ Demon

    Functional Art Piece by DJ Demon

    Art 01/12/2010 06:39 2 comments

    This is a piece from my functional art line. I’m a real practical person so functional suits me well. The pedals are matches, the stem is a fire extinguisher, center of flower is a fire alarm and the small tree on the left side is the mach striker. This piece is called “Set Pon Fiyah”. I actually need 100 or so books of neon blue matches to complete. If anyone has an idea of where I can get some or if you have some chillin in your garage holler at a playa!


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